Friday, February 24, 2012

President's Day and American Symbols

We spent a lot of time this week learning about our past presidents and American symbols. We made box books about U.S. symbols.

Liberty Bell Box Books

Bald Eagle Box Books

Students chose a U.S. symbol to write about. We had the U.S. Flag, Liberty Bell,  Statue of Liberty,  Bald Eagle, and The White House represented.

U.S. Flag

Liberty Bell

We also did some activities from Traci Clausen's President's Day Unit. The kids made themselves look like George Washington, did an Abraham Lincoln craft, and tucked a book about U.S. symbols in his hat.

I thought these were hysterical!

We also made these adorable Bald Eagles from Deanna Jump's America Unit. So cute!


Deb Thomas said...

Hi Shannon, your blog is absolutely wonderful and I love the pictures of the kids as presidents. I am now one of your followers and thank you very much for following mine. I have only been at it a little over a month and I have a lot to learn about blogging.

Unknown said...

I'm following your blog. Looks like Valentines was fun. Stop over and check out another newbie's blog if you get a chance.

~Stephanie said...

I love the boxes! What a great idea. I will have to adapt that for my 5th graders.

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Shannon Sousa said...

Thanks, Stephanie. I am following you, too!

Unknown said...

Great ideas, thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower!

Shannon Sousa said...

Thanks, Amy!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness - I love all of this!!!! I'm your newest follower!!!

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Kim said...

Cute ideas! I'm now your newest follwer!

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3TeacherChicks-Amy Hoffmann said...

Shannon- Congrats! You have won the Liebster Blog award! Go to our blog to claim!

Erica said...

I LOVE the books about symbols!

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Unknown said...

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